United Way Launches Community Financial Literacy Program

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Original Source: The Murray Mirror

By:The Murray Mirror


The purpose of the program is to help the unbanked and underbanked to have access to mainstream financial services on a consistent basis.

Miranda Bivins, a full-time AmeriCorps Vista representative, has been assigned to UWMCC to head the financial literacy program.  “A March 2016 survey of United Way agency managers noted that one of the most sustainable solutions to reducing dependence on community assistance is helping individuals develop better practices concerning budgeting, creating a spending plan, managing debt and developing a will,” says Miranda. “This program recruits area financial managers to literally work with individual clients from area nonprofits and community groups to receive such personal counseling.”

Financial managers from 12 area financial institutions volunteered early for participation in the program.

“Most area financial managers want to provide outreach to the general community about good financial practices to avoid bad credit and to improve general understanding about personal finances,” said Mike Maxwell, BB&T Vice President and volunteer chair of UWMCC’s financial literacy program.

“It’s in the banking community’s strong interest to create learning opportunities to encourage improved financial capacity for individuals and avoid financial pitfalls.  This program delivers in personal settings and at convenient times for the nonprofit agency,” he says.

The focus of the UWMCC family literacy is on the education of female-headed households, senior citizens and families persistently in poverty – about 85% of nonprofit clientele.

UWMCC coordinates recruiting of financial counselors and delivery among all United Way-funded agencies to keep individual agencies lean and focused on primary program activities.  However, the financial literacy workshops are open to any group in Murray-Calloway County.

For more information or to schedule workshops, contact Miranda Bivins at 270-753-0317.